Gemstone Information

Note: We have Tried our best to provide gemstone identification chart Which is available around website and collected from many sources from authentic books which referenced by GIA. To made Gemstone identification Easy. You Can use below search bar to find the specific gemstone by typing it’s gemstone name example “corundum”. You can also use the arrow mark to sort in various orders. click here

Refractive Index is the most important testing factor, so the values given for these are published in ascending order. The specific gravity values, rather less used in gem testing, in most cases increase with increasing refractive index and fall within limits into defined groups, and therefore may be readily found in the table. Where constants are outside the given range, or may not easily be found within that range; The word ‘to’ between figures implies variation in range, while ‘–’ indicates the greatest and least readings in doubly refractive stones. ‘I’ meansisotropic, ‘U’ uniaxial, and ‘B’ Biaxial. Glass imitation stones commonly have refractive Index which lie between 1.50 and 1.70.