Gemstone Information

Blue sapphires stone is know as Neelam stone in Hindi, Blue Sapphire has a place with Corundum family. The shade of the blue sapphire is because of hints of iron and titanium. The most fancied shading in blue sapphire is an unadulterated cornflower-blue.

Sapphire is one of the main four in notoriety of jewels; Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald. This is generally because of its magnificence, an assortment of hues and sturdiness as an adornments jewel. It is regularly considered just like a blue jewel, however it is accessible in numerous different hues including blue-green, green, violet, purple, orange, yellow, brilliant, peachy pink, pink, boring, and dark. Ruby is the red or a pinkish red assortment of Corundum. With a Moh's hardness of 9.0 and no cleavage, it is an extremely solid pearl for gems. 

Sapphire is accessible from numerous areas around the globe. Some of these areas, similar to Cambodia, Ceylon, and Kashmir, are outstanding for their fine Sapphires.